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You are given a block of text which explains the theory of this concept.

Once you have read the theory, do the exercises given below to test how well you have understood the ideas.


How to do the Exercises:


You are given a set of words.

You are also given some sentences with input boxes, and you are required to use the words to complete the sentences correctly.


You can put your chosen word into the input box by first clicking on the word and then in the input box.


The word will appear in the input box.


If it is correct, it will go green, and if not, it will go red.


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The words PRACTICE and PRACTISE can cause some confusion.

For example:
I need to PRACTISE my backhand, but my uncle has a successful doctor's PRACTICE, and what about PRACTISING some sport this weekend.

PRACTISE, spelt with an S, is a verb.
It means repeating a specific activity to improve.
PRACTISING sport is not correct.
You play rugby, you do gymnastics, you go sailing and you do sport, but you don't PRACTISE sport.

PRACTICE, spelt with a C, is a noun which can have more than one meaning.
PRACTICE usually means a business composed of professionals who are partners, like a lawyers PRACTICE.
It can also mean a way of doing things that has taken many years to develop, like the PRACTICE of binding girl's feet in China.

What has been written above only applies to British English.
American English does not recognise any difference.

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I can't come out because I have to (1) my violin.

I am going to work for an important doctor's (2) when I graduate.

The (3) of curing ham in traditional in Spain.