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The FCE writing exam requires the student to understand how to write 5 documents, an ESSAY, a REPORT, an ARTICLE, a REVIEW, and a LETTER or an EMAIL.

These documents are different because they all have different structures, and presenting a report which has the structure of an essay will mean failing the exam, so it's very important to understand what the structure for each document is, and that will be discussed in these sections.

In fact, for the writing exam, structure is probably the most important thing to focus on, because we will also be looking at PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE, and SENTENCE STRUCTURE. Following the ideas of good structure can make writing a document much easier, and not using good structure can lead to disaster.

Another very important concept the examiners are looking for is LINKING, which is a subject that has been studied throughout the course in the USE OF ENGLISH sections. Good linking is a must for a document to get good marks.

The size of the document needs to be correct, and we will look at strategies to ensure the document is neither too long nor too short, both of which mean losing marks.

Finally, punctuation is often not given the attention it deserves, and marks can be lost by using incorrect punctuation, so we'll close by looking at what punctuation to use, and when.

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