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3 PART 3 - 4


You are given a block of text which explains the theory of this concept.

Once you have read the theory, do the exercises given below to test how well you have understood the ideas.


How to do the Exercises:


You are given a set of words.

You are also given some sentences with input boxes, and you are required to use the words to complete the sentences correctly.


You can put your chosen word into the input box by first clicking on the word and then in the input box.


The word will appear in the input box.


If it is correct, it will go green, and if not, it will go red.

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3 PART 3 - 4


1) In part 3 of the FCE speaking exam you and your partner will be required to speak to each other about a subject, presented in the form of a schematic.

The schematic represents a question in the middle with five options around the outside.

The candidates discuss different aspects of the question with reference to the options given.

The conversation needs an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

The introduction is given by the first speaker who should start with a sentence which puts the subject into context.

In this case such a sentence is: THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY PEOPLE WEAR THE CLOTHES THEY DO, BECAUSE IN MANY WAYS THEY ARE LIKE UNIFORMS. This sentence relates directly to the question asked and leads the discussion to analyse the concept of UNIFORMS with reference to the five options given.

The discussion forms the body of the discussion.

The sentence of the conclusion is a reflection on the points made. In this case, such a sentence is ...SOME UNIFORMS ARE WORN BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE AND SOME ARE WORN BY CHOICE.

After about 2 minutes the examiner will ask both of you a question leading to the conclusion of the conversation, and you have 1 minute for this part.

The examiner is more interested in seeing both candidates exchanging ideas than one candidate dominating the conversation.

It is important to use phrases of interruption, like I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN BUT I THINK THAT...or YES I AGREE, BUT IN MY OPINION....

It is also important to answer when your partner asks you a question. For example: ...WHAT DO YOU THINK? is followed by YES, I THINK THAT ...

Notice that the final conclusion comment comes from previous comments.

This is a basic way of organising the discussion for this part of the exam. Another more sophisticated method of organisation is presented in the CAE speaking section.

In part 4, each candidate is asked a question relating to the discussion of part 3.

Here it is best to use the structure of the question to form the answer, and follow the idea of the answer with justification by using the connector BECAUSE.

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Prompt: CAR PARK?

  • CAR
  • HAVE
  • ?
  • A
  • DO
  • THEY
  • PARK


   Listen and repeat

Prompt: NAME SHOP?

  • OF
  • IS
  • ?
  • NAME
  • WHAT
  • THE
  • SHOP


   Listen and repeat