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You are given a block of text which explains the theory of this concept.

Once you have read the theory, do the exercises given below to test how well you have understood the ideas.


How to do the Exercises:


You are given a set of words.

You are also given some sentences with input boxes, and you are required to use the words to complete the sentences correctly.


You can put your chosen word into the input box by first clicking on the word and then in the input box.


The word will appear in the input box.


If it is correct, it will go green, and if not, it will go red.

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QUESTION: What's the difference between BESIDE and BESIDES?


It is quite important not to confuse them, for they are different in meaning and usage.
BESIDE is a preposition, similar in meaning to 'next to', 'at the side of' or 'by':
- Where is the apple orchard?' 'It is right beside the main road. You can not miss it!
- We were lying beside the pool when the phone rang. It was his boss wanting to know why he was not at work.
It is often used with verbs such as 'standing', 'sitting', 'lying'.
It is also used in the expression beside the point when referring to something that is not relevant to the subject under discussion:
- Modern art is not really art at all! That is beside the point when so many young people respond to it with such interest. They regard it as art.

BESIDES is a preposition, meaning 'in addition to', 'as well as' or 'apart from':
- What exam subjects are you taking besides English and maths?
- Were there any boys at the party besides Matt and Dillon?

It can also introduce a participial phrase:
- Besides bruising his face, he cut his lip and bloodied his nose.

Besides also functions as an adverb, meaning 'as well', 'furthermore' or 'anyway'.
It is often used to introduce an afterthought. Consider these examples:
- It is too late to start a round of golf now. We shall never finish before dark. Besides, it is starting to rain.
- He does not have very much money and he does not have very many prospects. Besides, he is far too young to think of getting married.

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INCORRECT SENTENCE: Its Davids dogs bone.

  • IT'S
  • BONE
  • DOGS
  • DOG'S
  • ITS
  • .


   Listen and repeat