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You are given a block of text which explains the theory of this concept.

Once you have read the theory, do the exercises given below to test how well you have understood the ideas.


How to do the Exercises:


You are given a set of words.

You are also given some sentences with input boxes, and you are required to use the words to complete the sentences correctly.


You can put your chosen word into the input box by first clicking on the word and then in the input box.


The word will appear in the input box.


If it is correct, it will go green, and if not, it will go red.

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QUESTION: What is the difference between SO and HENCE


So as a linking word between two clauses or sentences is similar in meaning to HENCE, though HENCE is much more formal.
'Paul didn't have enough money for the train ticket, so he had to go to the cashpoint before he could travel.' 'It is clear to us now that drug abuse can never be beneficial to the user; hence we seem to have got it wrong in suggesting that it may sometimes be acceptable.'

In spoken English, we often begin a sentence with so, thus making a link with what has been said before:
'We couldn't find the key, so we couldn't open the door.' 'So what did you do?'

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INCORRECT SENTENCE: Its Davids dogs bone.

  • IT'S
  • BONE
  • DOGS
  • DOG'S
  • ITS
  • .


   Listen and repeat