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You are given five pieces of audio corresponding to five different speakers.

You are also given 8 pieces of information ( A-H ).

Identify which piece of information corresponds to which speaker.

Use the letters only once, and there are three letters which you do not need to use.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will appear in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exam is 60%, and you will hear the audio twice.

10:00 min.

You hear five people talking about cycling. Choose from the list what each person felt.

A  - I was glad I took adequate precautions.


B  - I feel let down because I did not get the support I should have got.


C  - I have a lot to learn about this event.


D  - I was disappointed, though I had done everything I could.


E  - My equipment breaking down robbed me of the success I had worked for.


F  - I lost because I was given poor advice.


G  - I underestimated how demanding the event could be.


H  - My fellow competitors behaved very badly.


Speaker 1


Speaker 2


Speaker 3


Speaker 4


Speaker 5