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You are given 8 pieces of audio and 8 questions which correspond to the audio.

Each given question has three options A, B and C.

Click on the button to choose the best option for each question.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will appear in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exam is 60%, and you will hear the audio twice.

10:00 min.

1) You hear someone speaking about an activity.

Why does she like the activity?

  • A) Because it's very demanding.
  • B) Because young people do it.
  • C) Because age is not a restriction.

2) You hear an architect speaking about her work.

What problem does she describe?

  • A) Getting blocked on an idea.
  • B) Getting new ideas.
  • C) Applying the ideas she has.

3) You hear someone speaking about an event in nature.

What is she doing?

  • A) Explaining why a problem exists.
  • B) Describing a situation.
  • C) Trying to persuade someone to do something.

4) You hear someone talking about a night out in a restaurant.

What is the speaker saying?

  • A) She will never go back.
  • B) She will tell her friends about it.
  • C) She is going to be nice to someone.

5) You hear someone having a conversation.

How does the woman feel?

  • A) Irritated.
  • B) Worried.
  • C) Excited.

6) You hear someone speaking about cooking.

What is important to her?

  • A) Knowing what she has to cook.
  • B) Knowing where things are.
  • C) Knowing the quality of the ingredients.

7) You hear someone in business talking about expanding.

What problem is she describing?

  • A) Getting the right price.
  • B) Getting the right location.
  • C) Getting a good location at the right price.

8) You hear someone talking about a sporting activity.

What is she describing?

  • A) Why she took up the activity.
  • B) Why she enjoys it.
  • C) Why other people would enjoy it.