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1 Introduction

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1 Introduction


Punctuation 1 - General

Some people assume that the rules for punctuation are the same in all languages, specifically Spanish and English, but this is not the case.
They are very similar, but there are important differences, and the European Union is trying to standardise these rules.
There is another problem because American English and British English have slightly different rules.
Understandably, there is a debate about what is correct and what is not.

It is not our intention to join the debate, neither are we going to present all the various ideas out there.
Our focus is to help students to pass the Cambridge exams, and for that reason we feel the safest approach is to explain the rules used in traditional British English.
We feel that these rules are more likely to be considered correct rather than more modern variations.

This section will identify the main elements of punctuation used in English, and it will explain how they should be used.

English uses 14 punctuation marks.

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