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You are given some images, a story, and some sentences with spaces.

Use the information from the story to find the correct word for each space.

Type the word into the space.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will show in green, incorrect answers in red.


Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The first two spaces are given as an example.


You need to be able to do this exercise in about 10 minutes, and a timer is provided.


There is no pass or fail result for YLE exams.

10:00 min.

Playing Golf

Monica called Ralph last Saturday and said, "Ralph, I'm so bored. I really fancy having a round of golf. What do you think?"

Well that wasn't a bad idea as he had nothing better to do, so they got their golf bags and off they went to the club house.

It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky, and there was nobody around, so they had the course to themselves.


Who called? ...MONICA...

When did she call? ...ON SATURDAY...


(1) She called because she was (1) .

(2) She wanted to play (2) .

Ralph wanted to try out his new putter which his Mum had given him for passing all his exams.

Monica was a really good player and she was winning. She learnt to play when she was six.

Ralph didn't start playing till he was eight.

He was struggling to keep up with her until they got to the 9th hole. He had to sink a very difficult putt.

(3) Ralph's Mum gave him a new (3) .

(4) Monica started playing golf when she was (4) .

(5) Ralph didn't start playing until he was (5) .

He looked at it carefully and wondered how to hit it.

Monica made a good suggestion.

He was a bit nervous, and then he finally hit the ball and crossed his fingers.

The ball seemed to roll forever and then Plop!

He jumped up and down in excitement. He had beaten Monica for the first time ever.

(6) Ralph hit the ball and crossed his (6) .

(7) When the ball went in, he (7) up and down.