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You are given some sentences, and for each sentence you are given a set of 3 phrases.

Each sentence and its corresponding phrase form a conversation.

Choose the correct word or phrase by clicking on the correct button.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will show in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The first sentence is given as an example.


You need to be able to do this exercise in about 5 minutes, and a timer is provided.


There is no pass or fail result for YLE exams.

05:00 min.


     Auntie June:      Hi Jim, Where are you going?

     Jim:                     A) I went there yesterday.

                                 B) I've got a football match this morning.

                                 C) I hate shopping.


1      Auntie June:      Is football your favourite sport?


  • A) What is it?
  • B) Where is it?
  • C) It sure is.

2      Auntie June:      Why do you like it so much?


  • A) Because all my friends play it.
  • B) Do you really?
  • C) I'll give it to you later.

3      Auntie June:      Your Mum told me you won a cup.


  • A) I'll take that one.
  • B) Yes, last week.
  • C) Where is it?

4      Auntie June:      How did that feel?


  • A) It was really exciting.
  • B) It's over there.
  • C) Why not?

5      Auntie June:      Do you have to train a lot?


  • A) I had some juice.
  • B) Is this yours?
  • C) Twice a week.

6      Auntie June:      What about your homework?


  • A) It's mine.
  • B) That's no problem.
  • C) There it is.