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You are given piece of text with some spaces. You are also given a set of words with matching images.

Click on the word you think best fits each space and click on the space. The word will appear.


When you finish the exercise, click the check button at the bottom.

Correct answers will show in green, and incorrect answers will show in red.


Your final mark will then be given as a percentage.


The first space is given as an example.


You need to be able to do this exercise in about 5 minutes, and a timer is provided.


There is no pass or fail result for YLE exams.

05:00 min.


Steve loved playing ...football...(EXAMPLE) with his friends in the (1) after school and because of that, he was often late going home. His mother prepared (2) and biscuits for him, but when he didn't arrive, she got quite annoyed.

"Steve, why are you always late home? It makes me so angry," she said.

"I'm sorry Mum, I have so much fun that I forget about coming home. I also don't have a watch, which is a problem," he replied.

So his mother picked up a lovely new (3) for him when she went to the shops to get some milk for her coffee.

When Steve came home, she waited for him to finish his homework, and showed him the watch. It was fantastic and he really liked it. What was even better was that it was blue like the (4) he wore to school.

In the morning, he got dressed, had his breakfast, and put on his new watch before running to catch the (5) to school. He wasn't late home ever again, and Mum was delighted.