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You are given 3 pieces of audio and 2 questions which correspond to each audio.

Each given question has three options A, B and C.

Click on the button to choose the best option for each question.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will appear in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exam is 60%, and you will hear the audio twice.

10:00 min.

You hear someone speaking about their relationship with music.

1) How does the speaker explain her positive feelings for music?

  • A) It was omnipresent in her young life.
  • B) It was her mother's influence.
  • C) Her community was very musical.

2) What was the source of the dichotomy in her feelings?

  • A) The changing nature of music.
  • B) Her love for her instrument.
  • C) Her father's achievements.

You hear someone speaking about mathematics.

1) What reason does the speaker give for some forms of maths education being unnecessary?

  • A) The outdated concepts that are taught.
  • B) The availability of technology.
  • C) The changing nature of society.

2) What opinion does the speaker agree to sharing?

  • A) Maths should be removed from the school curriculum.
  • B) Maths should be taught differently in schools.
  • C) Maths is too difficult for most people.

You hear someone speaking about handling tragedy.

1) What opinion does the speaker express about showing emotion in a professional context?

  • A) She feels it is unnecessary.
  • B) She feels it is natural and admirable.
  • C) She feels it causes distress.

2) What difficulties does the speaker identify?

  • A) Giving people bad news.
  • B) Stopping herself from crying.
  • C) Combining her profession life with her social life.