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3.4 Word Groups - HAVE

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3.4 Word Groups - HAVE


The verb HAVE can have three functions:

It can be a normal verb - I HAVE a dog.

It can be a modal verb - I HAVE TO go.

It can be an auxilliary verb - I would HAVE called you.

When used as a modal verb, it changes its V to an F, and the word TO changes to the SCHWA sound:

I have to go = I HAF ta GO.

You have to pay = You HAF ta PAY.

When it's used as an auxiliary it's often contracted, and when it comes after a consonant sound it's pronounced uV. So,

I would HAVE called.  i'd HAVE called.  I'd've called.

This pronunciation is very common in conditional sentences, but it's not the only time you'll hear it.

I would've gone.

We could've finished earlier.

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