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1.3 Basic Concepts - Mixed Vowels

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1.3 Basic Concepts - Mixed Vowels


There are 5 vowels in English, A,E,I,O,U, but if you listen carefully, some of these are actually a mix of two vowel sounds.

The long A vowel sound actually sounds like A and E mixed: the sound starts at the long A sound and finishes at the long E sound.

So A = A -> E

In the same way,

The long O sound is actually a mix between O and U,

So, O = O -> U

I is a mix between A and E,

I = A -> E

These mixed vowel sounds are called diphthongs, and there are 5 more such sounds, making 8 in total:

EAR = short i -> A

POOR = U -> A

AIR = short e -> A

BOY = O -> E

NOW = A -> U

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