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You are given a piece of text with eight spaces.

You are also given a set of three words (A, B, and C) which correspond to each space.

You are required to choose the correct word for each space from the set of words given.


There are 3 ways of putting your chosen word into the correct location:
1- Type the word directly into the empty space. - or,
2 - Type the letter which corresponds to the chosen word into the empty space. - or,
3 - Click on the chosen word first and then click on the chosen empty space. The word will appear in the chosen empty space.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will show in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exercise is 70% or over, and you need to be able to do this exercise in the exam in about 6 minutes.

(You have been given a timer.)

06:00 min.


Earthworms (1) found all over the world, although they are more common in Europe. They do not live (2) deserts or places where there is a lot of snow and ice. This is because it is (3) cold for them and the ground is hard. Some kinds of earthworms have been known (4) grow to the length of a ruler, although they are usually only as long as your finger. Their bodies are made up (5) little rings and they have small hairs on them. The worm uses (6) rings to move and make holes. As they make holes in the ground, they eat the soil and all the dead stuff, and (7) produce all the useful things plants need. Earthworms are (8) important for the health of the soil and for the plants growing in it.

National Geographic

A are
B is
C am
A on
B in
C at
A too
B such
C much
A of
B with
C to
A of
B for
C from
A this
B these
C that
A thin
B than
C then
A every
B very
C any