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2 Pronouns

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2 Pronouns


Pronouns are a group of small words that are very widely used, especially in sentence completion exercises, and there are many different types:

The first column shows the pronouns we use when they function as the subject of a sentence, and the second column shows the forms when the pronoun is the object of a verb:

He invited David. (subject)

David invited him. (object)

The next two columns show how these words are used to indicate possession:

This is my book because this book is mine.

When the subject and the object of a verb are the same, we use reflexive pronouns:

I time myself when I run. (I and myself are the same person)

When two people do something and both benefit from the action, reciprocal pronouns are used:

They helped each other because they knew one another.

When we talk about someone without being specific, we use indefinite pronouns:

Is there anything in your left hand?

Yes, there is something in my left hand, there is nothing in my right hand but everything else is in my pocket.

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