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You are given a piece of text with eight spaces.

You are also given a set of words for each space which you need to change to create the correct word for each space.

Type the correct word in the space given, and you can only type one word per space.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will appear in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exercise is 60% or over, and you need to be able to do this exercise in the exam in about 10 minutes.
(A timer is given here to help.)


His family is not very ....HAPPY..........          HAPPINESS


10:00 min.


In Tokyo, there are five main categories of trash, with multiple (1) and exceptions. Each category is collected only on certain days. The apartment manager puts out the proper cans on the proper days, and if you don't take the stuff out in time, it's like missing a ferry, only (2) . That is the height of (3) . The catchall category is (4) waste. This is for stuff that should go to the (5) . Plastic is not just any plastic. It has to be (6) and clean without food stains. It is your obligation as a citizen to make a good-faith effort to wash food (7) off the plastic before putting it in the Plastic bin. Not all plastic is Plastic, but paper is the worst. You're supposed to bundle your newspapers and then slip small pieces of paper in between the newspapers to act as (8) . These parcels are then tied up and placed at group collection points for collection by voluntary community groups.

The Magazine

  • (1) CATEGORY
  • (2) SMELL
  • (6) CYCLE
  • (7) RESIDUE
  • (8) SEPARATE