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You are given a piece of audio and five questions which correspond to the audio.

Each given question has three options A, B and C.

Click on the button to choose the best option for each question.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button.

Correct answers will show in green, incorrect answers in red.

Your mark will be given as a percentage.


The pass mark for this exam is 70%, and you will hear the audio twice.

07:00 min.

1 - The plumber works for

  • A) AAA Plumbers.
  • B) A1 Plumbers.
  • C) ABC Plumbers.

2 - The Plumber needs to turn off

  • A) the gas.
  • B) the electricity.
  • C) the water.

3 - The plumber would like some

  • A) tea.
  • B) coffee.
  • C) milk.

4 - The plumber found

  • A) only the cufflink.
  • B) only the earrings.
  • C) the cufflinks and the earrings.

5 - The speaker knows the lady's

  • A) telephone number.
  • B) new address.
  • C) sister's address.