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In part 3, a schematic with a question and a set of related ideas is given.

The candidates use this schematic to have a conversation between themselves about the subject of the schematic, using the ideas given.

The conversation lasts for two minutes.


Then the candidates are given another question to answer together.

This part lasts for 1 minute.


The time allowed for part 3 is four minutes.


Part 3 is followed by part 4.

This part involves a discussion between the candidates and the examiner, who asks questions related to the discussion of part 3. Both candidates contribute to this discussion.


The time allowed for part 4 is four minutes.


When you know what you want to say, click on the RECORD ANSWER button to record your answer.

When you have finished recording, click on the STOP RECORDING button.

Then click on the blue SAVE AND SEND ANSWER button at the bottom to submit your answer.

09:00 min.


In this part you are required to talk about something together for about two minutes.

- Here are some different activities and you are required to discuss how these activities could influence someone's career.

First you have about 15 seconds to look at the task.

After this conversation, a further minute is given, to answer the following question together.

- Which two activities might have the most influence on someone's career?

Part 3 lasts for 4 minutes



1 Should people plan their careers as early as possible?

2 Do you think it's better to start your own business or work for someone?

3 Do you think a master's degree is a good investment?

4 Do you think people with university degrees earn more money than those without?

5 Do you think having a family can affect your career?

Part 4 lasts for 5 minutes