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Part 2   |   Exercise 2


You are given an image and a conversation with some spaces. You are also given a set of sentences which complete the conversation.

Click the correct word for each space in the conversation and then click the space. The sentence will appear in the space.


Once all the questions have been answered, click on the check button at the bottom.

Correct answers will show in green, incorrect answers in red.


Your mark will be given as a percentage.



The first space is given as an example.


You need to be able to do this exercise in about 5 minutes, and a timer is provided.


There is no pass or fail result for YLE exams.

05:00 min.


     Mary : Hi Matt, What are you doing here?

     Matt : ...D...


     Mary : I'm waiting for Rachel.

     Matt : (1)

     Mary : To play tennis, and you?

     Matt : (2)

     Mary : She comes home by bus.

     Matt : (3)

     Mary : Really, and I think Rick is ill.

     Matt : (4)

     Mary : Would you like to play tennis with me then?

     Matt : (5)

     Mary : OK, let's go.

     Matt : Let's go.

  • A) I love tennis.
  • B) Is that a new racket?
  • C) I was also going to play tennis.
  • D) I'm waiting for Rick, and you? (EXAMPLE)
  • E) Well the bus had a problem today.
  • F) I hope it isn't serious.
  • G) I would love to.
  • H) Why are you waiting for her?
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