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You are given a piece of audio and seven questions which correspond to the audio.

Each given question has three options A, B and C.

Choose the best option for each question.

The pass mark for this exercise is 60% or over.

You will hear the audio twice.

10:00 min.

1) When asked why she rowed across the Pacific, Ros explained that

  • A) she wasn't sure.
  • B) she had very strong reasons.
  • C) she feels it was a mistake.

2) Why did Ros choose to row rather than do another activity?

  • A) She felt it suited her personality.
  • B) She couldn't explain it.
  • C) She had some experience of rowing.

3) The time Ros spent at university prepared her for a career as

  • A) an adviser.
  • B) a legal analyst.
  • C) an entrepreneur.

4) How does Ros describe her life in London before undertaking her adventure?

  • A) Satisfying.
  • B) Unfulfilled.
  • C) Challenging.

5) When speaking about social media, what point does Ros make about the timing of her row?

  • A) She should have done it earlier.
  • B) She should have waited.
  • C) She was fortunate to do it at the right time.

6) Ros describes the incident when she was rescued by the US coast guard

  • A) with regret.
  • B) with gratitude.
  • C) with indifference.

7) How does Ros describe the experience of being airlifted into a helicopter?

  • A) It was nothing out of the ordinary.
  • B) It was very unpleasant.
  • C) It was part of the adventure she was having.

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