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  • Part 5, Exam 1


Read the story you are given.

You are also given some sentences with gaps.

Choose the best word for each gap from the story.

Type the correct answer into the answer box.

Example: William's dad was going HOME when his old car stopped.

One evening after work, William's dad was going home in his old blue and white car when suddenly it stopped. He couldn't start it again. There was a lot of traffic behind him on the road. A policeman came and, together, they pushed the car off the road. 'That's enough!' William's dad thought. 'I must have a new car. I'm going to buy the silver one that I saw yesterday.'

So on Saturday, he bought a new car. William and his dad wanted to try it so they drove into the town. After half an hour, they decided to stop because they were hungry. They found a place for the car in a small, quiet street and left it there.

They had a snack in a café and then they decided to drive home again. Outside in the street, William's dad said, 'Where's the car? Which road is it in?

'I don't know!' said William.

They spent fifteen minutes looking for it. Then they found a policeman and said, 'We can't find our car!'

The policeman looked at them and said, 'I'll help you find the car, but is it a blue and white one?'

'No,' said William's dad.

'Good!' said the policeman, 'because I remember you and your old car!' They looked in all the roads near the café and soon found the new silver one!

William's dad was going (1) when his old car stopped.

The colours of the old car were (2) .

On the road behind the old car there was (3)

(4) and a policeman pushed the old car off the road.

William's father decided he had to get a (5) .

William and his father went into (6) in the new silver car.

They left the new car in a (7) and walked to a café.

After their snack, they looked for the new car for (8) .

The (9) who helped them find the car was the one who had helped dad before.

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