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  • Exam: PET
  • Course: LISTENING
  • Part 2, Exam 7


You will hear a radio interview with a man who works on an international camp.

Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space, drag and drop it, or type the answer, or the corresponding letter, in the answer box.

The pass mark for this exam is 70% or over.

1 - If you want to apply for the Camp you must

Your answer: .

  • A) be a student.

  • B) be at least twenty-four years old.

  • C) speak more than one language.

2 - In a Camp tent you can expect to

Your answer: .

  • A) mix with other nationalities.

  • B) share with five other people.

  • C) know the other people.

3 - The Camp want people who are

Your answer: .

  • A) good at cooking.

  • B) good organisers.

  • C) able to mix well.

4 - What do you have to take to the Camp

Your answer: .

  • A) a tent.

  • B) a map.

  • C) pictures.

5 - As a Camp member you should

Your answer: .

  • A) be a good singer.

  • B) join in performances.

  • C) be good at acting.

6 - The Camp fees must be paid

Your answer: .

  • A) in dollars.

  • B) by cheque.

  • C) before the Camp starts.

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