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  • Exam: PET
  • Course: LISTENING
  • Part 2, Exam 4


You will hear Sarah Brown talking about her work as a television weather forecaster.

Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space, drag and drop it, or type the answer, or the corresponding letter, in the answer box.

1 - How long has Sarah worked as a weather forecaster?

Your answer: .

  • A) two years

  • B) seven years

  • C) thirty years

2 - What does Sarah say about her job?

Your answer: .

  • A) She sometimes has to work at night.

  • B) She enjoys getting up early.

  • C) She works ten or twelve hours a day.

3 - When Sarah does a weather forecast,

Your answer: .

  • A) she prepares it in advance.

  • B) she sometimes forgets her words.

  • C) she worries about making a mistake.

4 - Sarah's husband

Your answer: .

  • A) works on the same days each week.

  • B) wants to move nearer his work.

  • C) spends a lot of time travelling.

5 - Sarah is pleased because she

Your answer: .

  • A) has got her pilot's license.

  • B) taught her husband to play tennis

  • C) took part in a long race.

6 - A man in India wanted

Your answer: .

  • A) to meet Sarah's family.

  • B) a photo of Sarah.

  • C) to receive a letter from Sarah.

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