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  • Exam: PET
  • Course: LISTENING
  • Part 2, Exam 3


You will hear a radio interview with a ballet dancer called Elena Karpov, who is talking about her life and career.

Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space, drag and drop it, or type the answer, or the corresponding letter, in the answer box.

1 - Elena decided to become a dancer when she was

Your answer: .

  • A) seven

  • B) nine

  • C) eleven

2 - At ballet school in New York, Elena

Your answer: .

  • A) was the only student from Bulgaria.

  • B) found learning the language hard.

  • C) learned to be independant.

3 - What does Elena say about the ballet called Cinderella?

Your answer: .

  • A) Children will enjoy it.

  • B) The music was unfamiliar to her.

  • C) She saw it when she was a child.

4 - In her free time, Elena likes to

Your answer: .

  • A) go sightseeing.

  • B) go to clubs.

  • C) go shopping.

5 - What does Elena often do for her fans?

Your answer: .

  • A) She gives them a flower.

  • B) She signe one of her photographs.

  • C) She sends them a free ticket.

6 - What does Elena like best about her job?

Your answer: .

  • A) appearing on television.

  • B) doing something she loves.

  • C) travelling to different countries.

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