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  • Exam: PET
  • Course: LISTENING
  • Part 2, Exam 2


You will hear a radio interview with Jack Williams, who is talking about a town called Swanton.

Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space, drag and drop it, or type the answer or the corresponding letter in the answer box.

1 - Where is the town of Swanton located?

Your answer: .

  • A) near the sea.

  • B) by a lake.

  • C) on a hill.

2 - What does Jack like most about living in Swanton?

Your answer: .

  • A) There are opportunities for climbing nearby.

  • B) There is plenty of activity in the town.

  • C) There is interesting wildlife near the town.

3 - What does Jack say about entertainment in Swanton?

Your answer: .

  • A) A music festival takes place in the town.

  • B) Its football club has done well this year.

  • C) An arts centre has recently opened.

4 - Jack is worried about the environment of Swanton because

Your answer: .

  • A) the water in the river is dirty.

  • B) there are few wild birds around today.

  • C) pollution has destroyed the plants in one area.

5 - What does Jack say about the way Swanton has changed?

Your answer: .

  • A) He preferred the town when it was smaller.

  • B) He thinks it is a more interesting place.

  • C) He is sorry that there are fewer jobs available.

6 - Jack is positive about the future of Swanton because

Your answer: .

  • A) there is a successful new shopping centre.

  • B) there will soon be a new airport.

  • C) a new university is opening.

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