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  • Exam: FCE-O
  • Course: LISTENING
  • Part 2, Exam 1


You will hear a piece of audio.

For questions 1 - 10, Use the information given to complete the gaps in the sentences.

Type your answers into the answer boxes.

The pass mark for this exam is 60%.

Bird Watching

When you go bird watching it is very important to carry a (1) .

A local field guide only contains about (2) species and so is easier to use than a national field guide, especially for beginners.

A good record of what has been seen in your area is available on (3) , which can be used to enter your own sightings and to see what has been seen.

Every community in British Columbia has a (4) club, and most of them have weekly field trips.

Going bird watching with them is a good way to (5) early mistakes.

You get what you pay for when you buy (6) , and you need a decent set for bird watching.

It is advisable to get the type that can focus (7) , and the small types should be avoided.

People living near the coast should invest in a (8) pair.

Birds do interesting things and when you get to know them, you start to (9) about them.

This is the first step in caring about the (10) ' .

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