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  • Exam: KET-O
  • Course: SPEAKING
  • Part 2, Exam 2


You are given 2 images.

Use the information in the image on the left to form the required questions.

Use the information in the image on the right to form the required answers.

Choose the correct words, drag and drop them into the corresponding box or type them, to form the correct question or its corresponding answer.

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Open afternoons?

1 in the afternoons?

A) The Castle does it open
B) The Castle is open
C) Is The Castle open


1 from 10am till 6pm.

D) It open every day
E) It is open every day
F) It is opens every day

Price students?

2 students?

A) What is the price for
B) What price are
C) What price for

2 The price £3 .

D) student is
E) of students is
F) for students is

Car park?

3 park?

A) Is a car park
B) Is there a car
C) There is a car

3 parking.

D) Yes, there is free
E) Yes is free
F) Yes, car is free

Buy souvenirs?

4 souvenirs?

A) You can buy
B) Where you can buy
C) Where can you buy

4 the Castle shop.

D) You must to buy souvenirs in
E) You can buy souvenirs in
F) You buy always souvenirs in

Telephone number?

5 number?

A) What is there telephone
B) What is their telephone
C) What telephone

5 721439 .

D) Their telephone number
E) There telephone number is
F) Their telephone number is

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